​Membership Services Assistant

​Our team is incomplete. There is a hole in our game. We need the absolutely perfect person to work part time to fill the role of Membership Services Assistant to complete us.

What We Do:

​The most talented business leaders and managers in the Melbourne Region have tasked the Chamber staff to run the Chamber day-to-day operations for them. We need help! 

What Would You Do:

Be Part of Something
BIG & important
​Do you have a great personality and enjoy people? Do you have a servant’s heart such that you are energized by helping others in their careers? Are you looking for an exciting, rewarding, thrill-ride of a career instead of another stale, old, boring job? Do you want to be part of business and economic growth in the region? Then, working at the only 5-Star Chamber in the area may be just the right fit for you.
There is one more thing, and it’s a big thing: We need you to have a pleasant phone voice and enjoy working mostly by phone.
Chiefly, you would be calling our Members to say “hi” to help with any questions about their Membership; plus, you would reinforce the Information Center. Also, part of your job would be to hand-write notes & assist as a fill-in receptionist. No selling involved! No stress. We are known as The Business Chamber because we help companies and their employees to learn, grow, and connect; so, Members are usually fans of the Chamber. And, we are their BIGGEST fans! However, you need to put in the work. You need to self-motivate, pick up the phone, connect with others, present yourself & the Chamber well, and support our Members! 
​To do all of that, you need to learn about all of the benefits of Membership and be able to carefully & clearly explain them to Members without putting them to sleep. It’s about putting numbers on the board… making calls… growing engagement in the Chamber by informing strong, active Members. It’s being part of something bigger than yourself. It’s making a difference where you live, work, and play. So, you need to ask yourself… Can you do all of that? And… Are you willing to work both smart and hard to make it happen? 
Are YOU willing to work both
SMART & hard
​This is a metric driven position. So, if you say you can… but can’t. Or, can… but don’t; then, that won’t work for us. We need someone who does. We need a team player. Is that you?

What Part Time Hours:

choose your
own hours and days of work
​This is a part time position of 28 hours, or so, per week. Best part… you get to pick how many days of the week you want to work and which hours, within our business hours schedule. These are not flexible hours, you would not adjust your hours each week. But, if you are hired, the first conversation is “when do you want to work?” We’ll negotiate, agree, then lock it in.
​This opportunity is perfect for:
  • The parent with school-aged children who wants to be home when they are
  • The semi-retired worker wanting to stay busy while earning some spending money
  • The seeker looking for a purpose without an emphasis on getting rich

How Much It Pays:

The Chamber is a not-for-profit trade association; so, the pay is not stellar… but, everything else is!
This is a part-time hourly position that pays $11.00/hour.


No traditional benefits… it does include unlimited free coffee and lots of free snacks & eats, as available.

How to be Considered:

​Send your Resume with a Cover Letter to the Chamber at Info@MelbourneRegionalChamber.com
​​Or, mail it or drop it off at the Chamber office:
Melbourne Regional Chamber
1005 E. Strawbridge Ave.
Melbourne, FL 32901-4782

Bring Your A-Game:

​As you have probably figured out by now, this is a great job at an amazing place to work with awesome co-workers and Members. Thus, a lot of people want to work here.
Make sure you put super serious, real effort into your Cover Letter & Resume. For us to contact you for an interview, your materials need to scream out – I’M AWESOME! 
More About the Melbourne Regional Chamber
​​The most desirable, highly rewarding careers in any business community are found at its Chamber of Commerce. Since 1925, the Melbourne Regional Chamber continually sets the bar higher as one of the best places to work. In fact, of more than 7,000 Chambers in the United States, less than 100 are accredited as a 5-Star Chamber by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in any particular year. The Melbourne Regional Chamber is not only a 5-Star Chamber; but, is also accredited as a Certified Plus Chamber by the Florida Association of Chamber Professionals, placing it in the top 1% of all Chambers nationwide.
The Chamber is a vibrant, dynamic Membership organization of businesses that turn the wheels of the economy. Membership includes cutting-edge technology firms, manufacturing companies, real estate developers, healthcare organizations, restaurants & cafés, shops, theaters, lawyers, accountants, hotels, governments, and not-for-profits, to name a few. Since companies, not individuals, join the Chamber, Members range from the smallest mom & pop startups all the way through the largest employers in the region; thus, the Chamber represents hundreds of thousands of employees throughout the Melbourne Region.
With a booming legislative presence on Capitol Hill, in county government, and local city halls, the Melbourne Regional Chamber is one of the most influential forces representing the business community in government affairs and regional economic development.
What’s more, with over 100 annual events and 10 councils, the Melbourne Regional Chamber is the home of the area’s most recognizable events and numerous business groups (Councils) to satisfy the needs and interests of our Members; such as:
​​While you are here, learn even more about the 5-Star Chamber:
Website: www.MelbourneRegionalChamber.com
Facebook: Melbourne Regional Chamber
Twitter: @MRchamberFL
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