Our Newest Talk Radio Show:

FIRST AIRED LIVE ON 28 APR 17, FEATURING: Can business be so good - it's bad? * The economy is roaring in the Melbourne Region * Interview: Geraldine Blanchard, President of Global Tours & Travel * Destination: Europe - your dream vacation * Hiring an Awesome Membership Services Assistant * The most caring county in Florida * 2017 5-Star Chamber Golf Challenge * We live, work, & play in paradise. What is paradise?
  1. the act of classifying business.
  2. one of the business groups or classes into which things may be, or have been, classified.
  3. organizing a person, partnership, or corporation engaged in commerce, manufacturing, or service in to categories.
  4. a radio talk show hosted by the Melbourne Regional Chamber President / CEO on WMEL the last Friday of every month at 2:00pm.
Wait. Is that right? Is "Busnification" really a real word?
Well, it wasn't; but, now it is.
We invented it!

You kinda felt like you knew what it meant the first time you heard it, didn't you? It almost seemed like a real word. You wondered if you heard it somewhere before. That was, and is, the idea!​We wanted a name for the Chamber's radio show that conveyed the message of what the show was about - everything business. We gather up business topics, noodle through ideas, apply theory to reality then carefully classify it all in the category of 'news you can use' to be better at business tomorrow than you were today.

​Radio Host: Melbourne Regional Chamber
President / CEO Christian D. Malesic, MBA, CAE, IOM