Government Affairs Update

Welcome and next meeting

 The Melbourne Regional Chamber is excited to introduce this Government Affairs newsletter. This newsletter will be sent at the beginning of the month to give our members an update on the Government Affairs work that the Chamber is doing. We know that you are busy running your business so we are here to be your advocates for a strong business community in Brevard.
We hope to see you on May 22nd at 8 am for our meeting as Judge Silverman discusses the constitutional amendments on the ballot in November!

Melbourne City Council

On Tuesday May 8, the Melbourne City Council approved the height variance during second reading.for a new 11 story hotel that will be put downtown at the corner of 192 and Waverly behind Meg O'Malley's. 
The Melbourne Chamber believes that this project will help businesses throughout the area and bring increased business to downtown. Michael Ayers, President/CEO testified in support of the project during first reading. 
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Brevard County Commission

On May 8, the Brevard County Commission preliminary approved a ban on septic tanks for the next five months that was proposed by Commissioner Barfield. 

This moratorium would only affect passive systems. The newer septic systems that actively treat nitrogen, such as "aerobic treatment units" would not be banned under this proposal. 

The Chamber will follow this proposal and keep the membership updated.
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