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​Melbourne Regional Chamber of East Central Florida
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Title: President/CEO

Florida is the place to be to do business---and the Space Coast is the place to be in Florida!  The Space Coast is the birthplace of space exploration and is home to several rapidly expanding industries.  We have an applied high-tech ready workforce: Milken Institute named Brevard County’s economy the No. 1 most concentrated high-tech economy in all of Florida, while the Brookings Institute found we boast the largest share of STEM-related jobs in the state.  Not only is Brevard County the place to do business, we draw more than 2.5 million tourists annually and boast 72 miles of pristine beaches with an average temperature of 73 degrees.  We have outstanding schools, with home to several colleges and universities.  In summary, not only is Brevard County pro-business, it offers an outstanding quality of life.
The Melbourne Regional Chamber of East Central Florida is searching for a President/CEO that is as distinctive and exceptional as the community we serve. A skillful strategist is at the core of our desires for the leader for our chamber.  Optimizing the assets of our organization and community by developing a thoughtful, effective, visionary plan is a must.
Our board is searching for a candidate that is motivated to highly engage our members and provide value, while increasing retention rates and welcoming new members in record numbers.  Our expectations are that of a robust and effective communicator with a proven ability to integrate our leadership, membership, partners and community. The ideal candidate will also create programs and services that grow our membership base and our economy. The optimal candidate will be fiscally conservative in their approach to budgeting, event management and overall expenditures, with a keen eye and drive to enhance our revenue base through creative measures. They should also be accountable, have depth in creating and maintaining budgets and the controls necessary to achieve success.  The makeup of our community is as unique as the opportunities it provides. Therefore, our leader must possess the ability to create and maintain goodwill in a competitive marketplace. They must also effectively manage the divergent agendas of a myriad of parties, while professionally developing a world class staff.  If you are a uniquely qualified candidate, ready to serve a solid, dynamic board of directors from a variety of industries, poised to take the already strong foundation of our chamber and build upon it, and can provide examples of tangible results and experience, we want to hear from you.
To Confidentially apply:
Please submit a cover letter, CV/resume, and compensation history no later than October 20th, 2017 to